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A native of Missouri, Edward attended Penn Valley Community College. He opened his first business when he was nineteen years old and has owned and operated a variety of businesses for over twenty years. His business experience prior to financial services includes owning a health club, a chain of tanning salons, a full service salon and day spa, and a restaurant. He understands that quality, systems, pricing and customer service is the basis of a successful business. While running the
health club he was training for the Mr. Missouri Body Building Championship and won the heavy weight division two years in a row. He is familiar with the discipline it takes to create and adhere to systems that support consistent customer satisfaction. .

As evidence of his success he has been awarded “Best in Client Satisfaction” by 5280 Magazine for 10 years and past clients repeatedly choose him again for their home financing needs. He has consistently been one of the top producers in his industry and has been in the mortgage business for about twenty years. Because of his background in financial planning and insurance services many clients contact him simply for advice on money matters. To better serve his clients Edward has studied mortgage planning, credit restoration, personal/business development and has helped many customers in those areas.

Edward’s biggest responsibility is his family. His greatest gift is his beautiful wife and five wonderful children. He resides in Morrison, Colorado and enjoys most outdoor activities. His hobbies are hunting big game, fly fishing and maintaining a marine reef aquarium. His favorite book is the Bible.

Edward -“The reason I
aligned myself with Unibell Financial Inc, is their commitment to excellence,
pricing and desire to put customers first.”

High Trust Mortgage LLC would love to hear from you.

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